“We were out for a walk and a bunny jumped out of a bush right in front of us. I wasn’t expecting it and I dropped the leash when Piper took off running. I didn’t chase. Just said “Piper! Come!” She stopped, turned around, came back to me and sat. You guys are seriously amazing trainers””

— Amber & Piper

“.mI can’t explain how grateful we are for the training and guidance provided by Mandi and her team. The last class we participated in was “loose leash”. I’m going to be honest- before taking this class, walking our Lucy was a task and really not enjoyable. She’d pull, we’d pull back thinking we were correcting her and this would go on and on to the point you thought your arm was going to fall off. After just our first week (people only session) we learned about “uniforms” and how to properly correct pulling. After our second week, it was already like we had a new pup (not her fault what so ever, we had to learn the right way/technique to walk her and how to properly correct her.) This class was a game changer for us. We are still a work in progress but love our walks now. I can’t thank you all enough”

– Wendy & Lucy

“I know we both are putting on lots of work. But your methods are magic. We walked around my parents unfenced yard for nearly 20 minutes today loose line or not even holding her. Open field, birds, animals! As you can hear from my annoying voice I was pretty pumped”

— Gillian & Opal

“Mandi and her staff at All Dogs Training Academy have always been thorough, knowledgeable, and patient. With their support, I have absolutely loved building my relationship with Arlo while learning how to equip both myself – and him – with the skills we need to enjoy a well balanced (and SUPER FUN!) life together. We wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for All Dogs”

— Katana & Arlo