Private Lessons

private 1:1 sessions

Meet with Mandi, owner and head certified dog trainer 1:1 . This could include:

Separation Anxiety

Reactivity- Fear/Aggression

Resource Guarding

Crate Issues

Mouthy Dogs

Puppy Concerns

Prey Drive Issues

New baby or changes to the home

Foundational training

Therapy Work

Class Evaluations

Class evaluation are FREE, we require this for new clients who wish to join higher level foundations classes, or any of our sporting/extra classes.

If you haven’t done any formal training with your dog, we recommend starting with our Beginner class, or Puppy Accelerated depending on your dog’s age. If you would like to do private training, please email for prices.

If you are unsure if you need private sessions or a class– $50+HST consult fee. If a class is best, a portion of your consult fee will come off of your class price. 

Any other issues that wouldn’t require a full behavioural training plan- $125+HST

Reactivity & Other Behavioural Issues

We require a $113 deposit to book a spot, this goes towards the price.

You start with 2 initial private sessions$375+HST

Once your deposit is sent and a date is booked, we will have an intake form sent to your email. These two sessions go into great detail about your dogs history and daily routine. We need an extensive review of information in order to start customizing a training program.

The next steps would include a customized 6-week program- $600+HST

Not sure what class is best for you? Deciding on getting a dog? or want to come in to ask some questions about your new rescue or puppy? Send us an email! We love to help anyway we can to make it easier on you and your new companion.