CKC Rally- Novice A

We require a $113 deposit to hold your spot. This can be e-transferred to after you register.
To register for a spot please click contact us to register. *Please note that deposits are non-refundable*

What’s is Rally?

Rally Obedience, or “Rally-O” is often described as “Obedience exercises preformed in a sequence format”. It is a great sport to build a working relationship between handlers and their dogs. It is made up of a lot of the traditional foundations exercises you would have learned in our foundations 2-4, including heeling, positions and waits.

A rally course is a collection of signs and stations, these signs will tell you about the skill that needs to be preformed. The signs will be numbered to direct you around the course. The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) has 95 possible signs that are spread out over 4 levels: Novice, Advanced, Excellent and Masters. The different levels include tasks that the dog has to perform. Dogs must complete all stations successfully in order to receive a qualifying score.

There are two main organizations in Canada that offer Rally Obedience competitions: CARO (Canadian Association of Rally Obedience) and CKC (Canadian Kennel Club).  Anyone can compete in CARO once they have registered, and now mixed-breed dogs can compete in CKC performance events as well.

Rally teaches your dog an advance level of self-control, focused heeling and it helps you better understand body mechanics and how to move seamlessly with your dog.

This program is for anyone wanting to eventually compete, or just looking for something fun to try.